Introducing Mövenpick Green Cap coffee capsules…

We are excited to announce that Mövenpick has launched a new packaging for its Nespresso* compatible coffee capsules. The new Mövenpick Green Caps contain absolutely no aluminium and are industrially compostable to standard EN 13432, breaking down within 90 days in an industrial composting facility. And of course, they will continue to produce the same delicious Mövenpick coffee taste!

  • Certified as bio-degradable and industrially compostable
  • 100% free from aluminium
  • Compatible with Nespresso*coffee machines
  • Currently available in 5 delicious varieties
  • Contain 100% Rainforest Alliance certified coffee.

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Green Cap Coffee Capsules Certifications

Mövenpick Green Cap coffee capsules carry the OK compost INDUSTRIAL certification, awarded by TÜV Austria. This means that the capsules are certified industrially compostable in accordance with the EN 13432 standard. Products carrying this certification are guaranteed as biodegradable in an industrial composting plant. This applies to all components, inks and additives.  Industrial composting takes place under defined conditions within 90 days. The capsules also carry the OK biobased certification. This means that they meet specific requirements about the total carbon content of the product and the carbon content of renewable raw materials (biobased). A product may bear the OK biobased label only if the complete product is certified.

The rainforest alliance certification demonstrates Mövenpick’s commitment to sustainably sourced coffee. The seal means that a product was produced using methods that support the three pillars of sustainability: social, economic, and environmental. Independent, third-party auditors—critical to the integrity of any certification program—evaluate farmers against requirements in all three areas before awarding or renewing certification.

Composting Green Cap Coffee Capsules

Mövenpick Green Cap coffee capsules are designed to break down into compost in an industrial composting facility.

In New Zealand, industrial composting facilities aren’t yet available everywhere. However, we have options available to ensure that no matter where you are located, you can compost your Mövenpick Green Caps. Note: the cardboard box containing the capsules is not suitable for composting but can be recycled instead.

Options in Auckland

If you live in the Auckland area, a great way to compost your Mövenpick Green Caps is through the monthly collection service provided by WeCompost. This is a great choice because along with your Green Caps, you will be able to compost a variety of food scraps, garden waste and other certified compostable packaging. These are all items that cannot be currently handled by Auckland Council’s curbside recycling service. Find out more about WeCompost here.

Facilities in other parts of New Zealand

A list of facilities accepting compostable packaging in New Zealand is available on the wasteMINZ website here. It describes the compostable packaging they accept, and the waste companies that can be used to deliver packaging to the facility.

Purchasing Movenpick Green Caps through our online shop

When you purchase Mövenpick Green Caps through Zenesco’s online shop, you have the option to add a “Return2Compost” option to your order. This means that we will include a prepaid return postal bag with your coffee order. You can then return your used Mövenpick Green Caps to us and we will organise the composting. And best of all, this service is absolutely free with any order of 15 packs (150 capsules) or more of Mövenpick Green Caps.

Purchasing Movenpick Green Caps from another retailer

If you have purchased Movenpick Green Cap coffee capsules from any other retailer in New Zealand and are in an area without commercial composting facilities, you can still return the capsules to us directly for composting. We provide this service free of charge, as long as you send back at least 150 capsules per return. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Purchase a Size 3 Postage Included Bag for $6. Email a copy of your receipt, together with your name and your New Zealand bank account number to: . We will reply and provide you with a shipping address to send your capsules to for composting.

Step 2: When you have collected and dried 150 Mövenpick Green Cap coffee capsules, place these inside the Postage Bag and send to the address we have emailed to you.

Step 3: Once we receive the capsules and your receipt, we will refund the postage to your bank account. Note: to receive the refund, you must return at least 150 Mövenpick Green Cap coffee capsules and email us a copy of your receipt for the postage as above. The maximum refund amount is $6.

Step 4: We will ensure the capsules are industrially composted.

Note: Only Mövenpick Green Cap coffee capsules can be accepted. If any other items are included in the Postage Bag you send to us then no refund can be given. We will not be able to compost the contents and they will be sent to landfill.


For Mövenpick, the switch to commercially compostable capsules represents a significant step on the path to establishing sustainable packaging solutions. Mövenpick Green Cap capsules are 100% aluminium free. At the same time, Mövenpick Green Caps, allow high coffee quality standards to be maintained.

No. To decompose properly, Mövenpick Green Cap capsules require specific conditions found in industrial compositing facilities (for example, temperature). These conditions are not found in home composts.

No. Mövenpick Green Cap capsules are designed to be industrially composted and cannot be recycled. However, the cardboard box can be recycled.

The aroma protection layer inside the compostable capsule ensures airtight packaging and preserves the coffee’s aroma, without the need for any further packaging.

The coffee used for Mövenpick Green Cap is 100% Rainforest-Alliance certified.

Rainforest Alliance Certified Logo

The capsules are compatible with Nespresso* coffee machines.

*Nespresso is a registered trademark owned by Société des Produits Nestlé S.A., Vevey. Zenesco Ltd is not associated with Nespresso or Société des Produits Nestlé S.A. in any way.