Mövenpick Decaffeinato Green Cap Coffee Capsules (10 capsules per pack)

Mövenpick Decaffeinato Green Cap Coffee Capsules (10 capsules per pack)


Mövenpick Decaffeinato Green Cap Coffee Capsules (10 capsules per pack)



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Brand: Mövenpick

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High quality Mövenpick coffee in the convenience of Nespresso* compatible coffee capsules.

A delicate and full-bodied decaffeinato with a slightly nutty bouquet. Dark roast of exquisite South American Arabica beans.

Strength: 5/10

Mövenpick coffee capsules are compatible with Nespresso* coffee machines.

Made in Germany.

Mövenpick Green Caps

These capsules are part of Mövenpick’s new Green Caps range. Green Caps contain absolutely no aluminium and are certified industrially compostable to the EN 13432 standard, meaning that they will break down within 90 days under defined conditions in an industrial composting facility. And of course, they will continue to produce the same delicious Mövenpick coffee taste!

Mövenpick green cap coffee capsules are certified as biodegradable and industrially compostable by TÜV AUSTRIA. The coffee inside is sustainably sourced and carries the Rainforest Alliance certification. Find out more about what these certifications mean here.

Composting options

If you live in the Auckland area, a great way to compost your Mövenpick Green Caps is through the monthly collection service provided by WeCompost. This is a great choice because along with your Green Caps, you will be able to compost a variety of food scraps, garden waste and other certified compostable packaging. These are all items that cannot be currently handled by Auckland Council’s curbside recycling service.

When you purchase Mövenpick Green Caps through Zenesco’s online shop, you have the option to add a “Return2Compost” option to your order. This means that we will include a prepaid return courier bag with your coffee order. You can then return your used Mövenpick Green Caps to us and we will organise the composting. And best of all, this service is absolutely free with any order of 15 packs (150 capsules) or more of Mövenpick Green Caps. Click here to add Return2Compost to your cart.

Read more about Mövenpick Green Caps and composting options here.

*Nespresso is a registered trademark owned by Société des Produits Nestlé S.A., Vevey. Zenesco Ltd is not associated with Nespresso or Société des Produits Nestlé S.A. in any way.

Mövenpick’s story begins in 1948, when the first Mövenpick restaurant opened in Zurich, Switzerland. Amidst the optimism of post-war Europe, this signalled the start of a new era of modern hospitality in Europe. The vision was to serve high quality food and drink in a relaxed and casual setting, at affordable prices.

Mövenpick’s founder, Ueli Prager, came up with the name Mövenpick while walking along the shores of Lake Zurich one day. As he was watching people tossing food to the seagulls, he saw a seagull (Möwe in German) swoop down and gracefully pick up a piece of bread mid-flight. The elegant display reflected Prager’s vision perfectly and so, the name Mövenpick (Möwe pick) was born.

On hearing the word Mövenpick, it’s often an image of ice cream that comes to mind. However, the first Mövenpick branded product to be launched was coffee, back in 1963. Mövenpick coffee was an instant success and, almost 60 years later, it’s lost none of its popularity.

Mövenpick’s secret for creating great coffee lies not just in sourcing high quality coffee beans, but also in its gentle and lengthy roasting process. True to its original vision, Mövenpick enforces strict quality standards to produce a range of exquisite coffee varieties that will delight every time.