Zenesco is proud to represent a range of top international brands in New Zealand, including those listed below.

Coffee beans supplier - Movenpick


Mövenpick’s story begins in 1948, when the first Mövenpick restaurant opened in Zurich, Switzerland. Amidst the optimism of post-war Europe, this signalled the start of a new era of modern hospitality in Europe. The vision was to serve high quality food and drink in a relaxed and casual setting, at affordable prices.

Mövenpick’s founder, Ueli Prager, came up with the name Mövenpick while walking along the shores of Lake Zurich one day. As he was watching people tossing food to the seagulls, he saw a seagull (Möwe in German) swoop down and gracefully pick up a piece of bread mid-flight. The elegant display reflected Prager’s vision perfectly and so, the name Mövenpick (Möwe pick) was born.

On hearing the word Mövenpick, it’s often an image of ice cream that comes to mind. However, the first Mövenpick branded product to be launched was coffee, back in 1963. Mövenpick coffee was an instant success and, almost 60 years later, it’s lost none of its popularity.

Mövenpick’s secret for creating great coffee lies not just in sourcing high quality coffee beans, but also in its gentle and lengthy roasting process. True to its original vision, Mövenpick enforces strict quality standards to produce a range of exquisite coffee varieties that will delight every time.

Mövenpick’s premium coffee range includes ground coffee, whole beans, instant coffee and Nespresso* compatible coffee capsules.


Freddi’s story dates back to 1949, when Luigi Freddi opened the first bakery shop in the old Italian town of Castiglione Stiviere, in the beautiful Lake of Garda District.

Today Freddi produces a range of delicious cakes with great emphasis on sourcing the finest ingredients and achieving the highest quality possible.

La Mole

Founded in 1978, La Mole is an Italian family-based company which produces a range of high quality baked goods.

At its factory in Turin, La Mole combines Italian tradition and passion with innovation to produce a mouth-watering range of products.


Cocaya specialises in producing a range of premium quality drinking chocolates.

Cocoya’s delicious hot chocolates are easy to prepare at home, and are also ideal for hospitality and workplaces.

Le Superbe

Le Superbe Cheese Fondue is produced by the Swiss cheese maker, Lustenberger & Dürst. The secret to Lustenberger & Dürst’s great cheeses is a perfect combination of origin, naturalness, tradition and innovation.

The fresh and natural raw milk is processed at the local cheese dairy by hand using recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Lustenberger & Dürst’s cheeses are characterised by the authentic taste of the local terroir with its strong alpine herbs, fresh mountain flowers and lush grasses. Healthy and happy cows and farmers who nurture their animals with tranquillity, attention and without compromise are the secrets of the best raw milk for its cheese specialities.


With a history going back over 50 years, Grocholl is situated in Clenze in Northern Germany. Grocholl’s potato products are made with high-quality, yellow-fleshed potatoes sourced from the best areas of cultivation such as the Lüneburg Heath or the Altmark regions.

Its factories receive deliveries of up to 500 tons of fresh potatoes every day, with 150 contract farmers ensuring a steady supply. In the manufacturing of its products, Grocholl is always aware of the great responsibility that a company in the food processing industry has. Freshness and quality are always the top priorities and ecological responsibilities are taken very seriously.


At its factory in Osnabrück, Germany, Heidel specialises in producing the finest chocolates and pralines in unique and striking packaging.

It offers a variety of specialty seasonal lines including Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day as well as a range of year-round products.


The Windel Group has roots dating back nearly 120 years and four generations, when it began as a regional confectionery wholesaler.

Headquartered in Osnabrück, Germany, Windel today produces an innovative and comprehensive range of chocolate and candy products, available in many countries around the world.

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